Mad Russian

The Mad Russian

Doc Vostrikov is a russian prospector which serves as the main villain of Westward and Westward II : Heroes of the Frontier . He is a madman and con artist bent to stop any further expansion . He destroyed the town of Hope River , and swindled it's settlers . In the end , the true villain ends up to be Mr. Wong . He is the leader of the Copperhead Gang .


In Westward , he is a snake oil salesman which swindled the residents of Hope River . When the citizens refused to handle him their city , he captured Maureen Fitzsimmons and asked for the ransom of 1000 gold . When his bandit camp is destroyed , he retreats to Lighting Bluff .

Westward II : Heroes of the FrontierEdit

In Westward II : Heroes of the Frontier , residents of Hope River bring tales of his treachery . He is still head of the Copperhead Gang . When finding his location , the heroes go to bring him to justice .

When his base in Gunslinger Gulch is destroyed , he came out of his hideout shooting , but he was defeated , and allowed to go . But he was called once again , and he helped the heroes defeat Mr. Wong , along with Mr. White . By doing so he is unlocked as a hero , which can replenish his health after dying , making him an exceptional gunslinger .

At the end of the game , he is rewarded with the forgiving his actions , and he doesn't goes to jail .


  • The Mad Russian is actually from Nebraska , but thought to be russian because of his strong russian accent .
  • The Mad Russian appears in the Cake Mania 3 Expansion pack "Westward" , since Sandlot made both games