Mr. White is a character in Westward II : Heroes of the Frontier . He is a nice mustache, opposite to Mr. Wong , who has a beard . He has a nice hat , unlike Mr. Wong , who has a clock . At the later stages of the game you unlock him as a hero , which recharges his health after dying , making him a exceptional gunslinger . Even though he looks like a villain , he truly isn't the one behind everything that happened in the second game , the real villain being Mr. Wong . The player is presented of making a choice between who to catch : Mr. White or Mr. Wong . Whatever decision you make , Mr. Wong goes away .

He had a base which Mr. Wong stole , using it as his own hideout .


His name is used as a pun because it rhymed with "right" . So , quests like "White Way , Wong Way" - which rhymes with "Right Way , Wrong Way" are formed